Audio Engineering and DJing

Cam honed his skills at Berklee College of Music in the extraordinarily outfitted studios there. His professors included one of Prince's most trusted engineers, Susan Rogers, among many other thoroughly credited and talented individuals. Engineering, producing, and co-producing several full length albums and singles, Cam has run the genre gamut from rock, to pop, to country, to gospel, and many others. He has also co-written and played guitar and bass on several of those releases. These experiences make for a smooth transition into the world of DJing. Below is a short selection of projects on which he has worked.


David Phelps - Freedom

Cam worked as assistant engineer to David Schober for the recording of the vast majority of this album. The album was recorded at Nashville's Ocean Way Studio A for the time Cam was involved. He served as Pro Tools operator, setup engineer, and preliminary editor before the overdub and mix stage of the process.

The Amy Hoffman - Trust Your Bike

Trust Your Bike is a packed album of tracks by incredible human, songwriter, and guitarist Amy Hoffman. Cam worked as co-producer and co-arranger with Hoffman and lead tracking engineer for the album along with assistant engineers Luis Augusto and Alex Lam.

Nadia S - Rising EP

Cam worked with Gideon Lim to co-produce this EP by Berklee graduate Nadia S in Boston primarily at Record Co. Studios. Featured here is a music video of one track from the EP, Kiss You Goodnight.

Atomic Dogs

Atomic Dogs is a Tennessee based rock band Cam recorded while he lived in Nashville. He was Lead engineer, producer, and mixing engineer for the project recording ten tracks for the group throughout 2015. Below is one track from the album.